Who We Are

About Us

A Digital Recruitment Agency With A Difference

Dotgap was first founded in 2005. Over the last 15 years we have grown as a digital recruitment agency, delivering thousands of precise pairings between employees and employers.

We understand the digital media industry because we have worked there ourselves. This allows us to break the traditional digital recruitment agency mould and have a more thoughtful, considerate approach.

We connect businesses with high quality professionals in a range of industries. This includes marketing, HR, sales, technology and consulting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a job seeker or a business looking to hire; either way, we can certainly help you. Get in touch today to find out more about our digital recruitment agency.


Progress your career on your terms. Gone are the hours wasted on CVs and pointless interviews. We always delve deep to challenge, mentor and fully understand where your potential lies and the type of company where you will click.

When we put your CV forward, it will never be with a heap of other candidates. You will only ever be put forward for the right jobs, where you have a strong chance of being placed.


No one knows your industry better than us. We’ve worked there and built successful teams, before turning to recruitment in 2005. Now we have over 15 years’ experience, but we are still focused on digital media, never diluting our specialism.

Because we once walked your shoes, we know how busy you are. We will never overload you with a mountain of CVs to sift through. You can rely on us to do the work for you and save you time, by presenting only carefully curated CVs from candidates who fit the brief, will click with your business and who want to work for you.

Vital Statistics

Finding digital and marketing talent100%
CVs submitted that get interviews76%
Interviews to offer46%
Success rate in your new job96%

Our Strengths

  • All people at Dotgap have heritage working in digital media.
  • We understand your business and the markets you operate in as employer or a job seeker.
  • We listen to people. This allows us to hear what sort of job someone is actually looking for and supply that job (instead of a poor alternative).
  • We save employers time by speeding up the recruitment process.
  • Our team have lots of experience with digital media and recruitment.
  • We have central London offices.
  • We are contactable 24/7.