Finding quality employees can be a challenge. Job vacancies are at a 20 year high, so job seekers have more choice than ever before. So if you want to find a high quality candidate, it is important to make sure that you are offering a high quality job.

Here are six things job seekers want in 2022.


1. 6 Things Job Seekers Want In 2022: Flexibility

The pandemic affected the UK workforce in lots of different ways, but one of the most notable ways was the rise of remote work. The vast majority of Brits were allowed to work flexible hours from their own homes, and now many employees are only interested in flexible work.

If you can’t offer full-time remote work, don’t worry; you can still offer a flexible role. Employees could set their own hours, or they could work from home one day a week. This makes the role more accessible, so you are more likely to find a top-notch candidate.


2. A Diverse Workforce

Britain is a diverse country, and so job seekers generally want to work for diverse companies. This shows that the company is forward-thinking and inclusive (which is much better than being outdated and exclusive!).


3. Career Advancement

People don’t want to work for your company with the sole goal of helping the company to grow; they want to grow, too! Everyone has their own personal career goals, and so most job seekers want to find a company that gives them the opportunity to advance. This could be via promotions or internal hiring; whatever allows people to climb up the career ladder.


4. A Healthy Work Life Balance

Over the last decade overworking has become the norm, but now businesses and employees are fighting back. Both understand the risks of burnout and stress, and so a healthy work-life balance has become a priority. This means that job seekers want to work for companies that understand the importance of time off – so if you are hiring, we suggest offering employees a healthy work-life balance that allows them to thrive.


5. Salary

Salary is an important factor for the vast majority of job seekers. No-one likes being underpaid – so if someone is being underpaid, it is very likely that they will start looking for a job with a fairer wage. For this reason we suggest that employers offer a reasonable salary. If you’re not sure how much to offer, do some market research on job boards to find out the standard going rate (or speak to a recruitment company like ours!).


6. Appreciation

Finally job seekers want to find a company that will appreciate what they bring to the table. After all, no-one likes to feel like their contributions aren’t recognised. Employees who feel underappreciated are also more likely to slack off at work, which is bad for the company as well as the employee. This is why it is important to create an appreciative company culture that values its employees.

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