Who we are

About us

Who we are

dotgap was founded in 2005 by Keith Rattray, formerly head of digital for Carat UK. Our mission is to save people time and deliver precise pairings between employees and employers.

We understand the digital media industry because we have worked there ourselves. We break the traditional recruitment mould and have a more understanding, considerate and professional approach.

Employers like the fact that we know what they are after when they brief us. Candidates like the fact that we understand their profession and can help them achieve their career ambitions.

A simple, refreshing approach to helping the right people get the right jobs.

Vital Statistics

Finding digital marketing talent100%
CVs submitted that get interviews76%
Interviews to offer46%
Success rate in your new job96%

Our Strengths

  • All people at dotgap have heritage working in digital media agency / sales environments.
  • We understand your business and the markets you operate in as employer or employee.
  • Heritage in delivering advertising comms across all appropriate communications channels to promote the right jobs to the right target audiences.
  • We listen to people – we hear what sort of job someone is actually looking for and supply that job, not an inappropriate alternative!
  • We save employers time in their recruitment process.
  • We at dotgap have grown up with digital media, it’s in our blood and it’s our passion.
  • Central London offices enable us to meet employers and employees with equal ease.
  • Contactable 24/7.


Q. If I want to engage you on a brief to find me talent, are there any up front costs?

A.  No. There’s nothing to pay until we find you the right person

Q. Do you cover all digital media disciplines found within media agencies?

A.  Yes! Strategy, display planning & buying, ad-ops, PPC, SEO, affiliates, programmatic, account management, data planning, analytics and anything else that comes up over time.

Q. Do you work with creative agencies?

A.  Sometimes yes, but not for taking creative briefs, only for digital media related briefs that reside in creative agencies such as Social, Strategy, SEO and the like

Q. Do you work with advertisers direct as well as agencies?

A.  Absolutely yes! It’s a rapidly expanding side of the business as more and more agency functions are brought in house by progressive advertisers.

Q. Do you source digital photographers, producers and production people too?

A.  No. We focus on media as an advertising communications medium.

Q. What sort of sales briefs do you handle?

A.  Agency-facing sales jobs that are taking a digital media product to market which is bought through UK media buying agencies

Q. Can I speak to you about my CV outside normal working hours?

A.  Of course you can, we do it all the time!