It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate or decades into your career; either way, the likelihood is you want to work for a great company. You want to work for a company that truly cares about their employees; one that offers career progression and excellent benefits. But how exactly can you find a company like that? One of the best ways to scout out a company is during the interview process. Here are five signs a company is a good fit for you.

1. The Interview Process Is Smooth

The job interview process is normally a good indicator of how you will be treated as an employee. Ask yourself these questions; do the company seem friendly in their emails? Are they offering you a range of potential meeting times for the interview? How did they treat you during the interview? Did they thank you for speaking to them? The answers to these questions will tell you more about the business and how they treat their employees.  

2. They Take Feedback Seriously

A good company will normally ask for feedback from the interviewee at the end of the interview. Remember that even the most successful businesses can make mistakes along the way; the way they stay successful is by acknowledging the problem and fixing it! So look for businesses who welcome feedback from both employees and interviewees. If you are interested in our company and you want to find out more about what we do, click here.  

3. They Care About Employee Development

Great businesses understand that employee development is key to success. They understand that this benefits both the employee and the business (and they also understand that employees are more likely to stay with the company for longer if they are given the chance to advance!). So look for a company who invests time, effort and money into their employees, allowing them to grow their skillset and improve their performance.  

4. The Company Office Is Pleasant

If you get the chance to interview at the office, take a minute to check out the offices after your interview. Are the desks covered with plants and family photos, or does the room have a lifeless feel? Are employees treating each other with friendliness and respect , or is the atmosphere quiet and cold? These factors may not seem important, but they can have a huge effect on your overall happiness and productivity while you are at work.  

5. They Focus On Healthy Working Relationships

Finally you should look for a company that focuses on healthy working relationships, especially if you will be working as part of a team. A bad co-worker can really ruin a job, but this shouldn’t be a problem if the company prioritises HR and employee satisfaction.

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In the past most interviews were conducted face to face, but the recent pandemic made remote interviews the norm – and it doesn’t seem like things will be going back to the ‘old normal’ for a while. So if you’re applying for jobs (or hiring candidates), it is very likely that you will have a phone interview. This could be a standard phone call, or it could be a video call over WhatsApp; but either way, you should prepare for the interview in advance if you want to succeed. Here are eight tips for a great phone interview.  

1. Tips For A Great Phone Interview: Have A Plan

Prepare for a phone interview like you would a normal interview; write down answers for certain questions that you expect to come up, make a list of your qualifications and strengths, and learn a little about the company. This means that you will be ready for most questions (and you are less likely to forget any important details).  

2. Remove Distractions

You may be tempted to take the call in a coffee shop, but if a loud guest comes in and disrupts the interview you could look unprofessional. So take the call in a quiet, private room (such as your bedroom or office), and mute notifications on your phone so that you don’t get distracted while you are talking.  

3. Get Organised

Have a copy of your CV, cover letter and the job description in front of you before the interview starts. This could be on your laptop screen, or you could print out the information so that you can see all three pages at once.  

4. Choose The Best Time

If you have a selection of times to choose from, choose the time that works best for you and your schedule. Choose a day when you will be well-rested, and if you are a morning person choose the earliest slot available. This will ensure that you are the best version of yourself for the interview! Do you want to find a great job in digital marketing? Get in touch with our team today.  

5. Answer The Call Professionally

Answer the phone in a professional, friendly way that puts the other person at ease. Don’t pick up the phone if you are still in the room with your family, or if the TV is switched on; leave the room and then answer the call. This will get the interview off to a good start, and it also means that you will feel more focused.  

6. Be Aware Of Verbal Body Language

Listen for verbal body language cues throughout the call. Is the interviewer laughing? Do they seem interested in your responses? Are they asking follow-up questions? Are they sighing a lot or tapping their pen? These little cues will give you an idea of how the interviewer is feeling, which can help you to know if you should change the subject or not.  

7. Think Before Speaking

Try to communicate in a thoughtful way. Think about your tone, your pitch and how fast you are talking. Make an effort to sound positive and enthusiastic, and make sure you really consider their question before you start answering.  

8. Be Grateful

Finally be grateful at the end of the call! Interviews can be nerve-wracking and difficult, but they give you the chance to advance your career and your income. So take the time to say thank you at the end of the call, and consider sending a follow up email to show your appreciation for being selected for an interview. This will show the interviewer that you are serious about the role, so you are more likely to hear back from them.

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The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing, so if you want to work in the industry it can be beneficial to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. This is especially true if you are looking for a new job, as the skills that landed you your last job may no longer be as relevant. Of course this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find new work; it just means that you may need to brush up on some skills. Here are four digital marketing skills that will help your career to thrive.  

1. Digital Marketing Skills That Will Help Your Career To Thrive: Analysing Data To Discover Insights

Digital marketing produces a huge amount of data, and this data is incredibly valuable. It tells marketers about how well content is performing, and it can give you further insights about your target audience and their interests. So if you want to further your career in digital marketing, it could be beneficial to use website analytics (such as Google Analytics) to learn more about your campaigns and how they perform. This will teach you about what works and what doesn’t work, so you can improve the success of future campaigns.  

2. Sophisticated Knowledge Of Social Media

Nearly four billion people use social media, making it one of the most effective places to market online. Most marketers have been using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to advertise for years, but those aren’t the only platforms; TikTok has recently gained millions of new followers and is an advertising haven, and the same can be said for Snapchat. So don’t just do an occasional social media post on one platform; take time to learn about each site, and then build up engaged communities on the sites that are most relevant. Do you want to enter the world of digital marketing? See our jobs here.  

3. Project Management And Organisation Skills

Many digital marketers run multiple campaigns at once, and this can get pretty complex. In fact, even running one single campaign can get complicated! After all, there are usually lots of different aspects to a campaign; normally there will be multiple posts on multiple platforms, and every piece of content needs to be analysed at a later date to measure its success. So it is essential to have project management and organisation skills as a digital marketer, especially if you are leading or managing a campaign.  

4. UX Skills

Finally it is important to be aware of the user experience. In the past some advertisers just focused on selling a product, but now adverts tend to be more aware of the customer experience (and therefore they are more successful). So if you are working on a new advertising campaign, take the time to learn about the user’s desires, needs and preferences, and then then create a campaign that is specifically suited to the target audience.

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It’s not just digital media recruitment we are passionate about here at dotgap! A line up of 11 different hot cross buns, all readily available from national high street retailer outlets, have been reviewed by a team of three independent judges to give you everything you need to know when making your selection of tasty buns this Easter!  

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Football has been a huge part of my life from an early age. I was always found in a park kicking a ball around or at a game with one of my parents - one being a Chelsea season ticket holder, the other being Fulham, meant it was always good fun! However, I did not realise then how much of an impact football would have in helping me build a career in recruitment.  

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Benchmark how your company pays staff here!

Below you will see two tables covering digital media jobs and digital media sales jobs, in London. This information is as accurate as possible, based on intelligence gathered across 2018 representing people at various levels of experience and at various hierarchical positions.  

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It’s real, it’s happening and it’s going to impact on several areas of established eco-system currently delivering advertising to the masses. Should you be concerned? …That all depends on the business you are in. If you work for a big network media agency, you may have reason for concern.  

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BLACKOUT: THE RISE OF THE ANTI-BLACK FRIDAY MOVEMENT   The countdown to Black Friday has begun. It’s a time of the year that has you glued to your device or sees you take to your local high-street – or maybe you just head straight to work and forget about the shopping centre stampedes and online deals.  

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The issue of transparency in the media landscape is hotter now than ever before, and showing no signs of fizzling out.  

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The move to bring recruitment resource in-house has been happening in media-land for many years. It makes a lot of sense for companies of a certain scale to employ dedicated resource for this and these people often work alone or in small teams and are under pressure to deliver. They are not viewed as a golden bullet to solve all the recruitment needs of the business, and are expected at times to engage with external specialists to help fill tricky positions.  

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