When it comes to small business marketing, the internet is one of the most successful avenues – and yet many small business owners avoid hiring a digital marketing employee. This could be due to a few reasons; maybe they have a tight budget, or maybe they don’t think that digital marketing is worth spending money on. Either way, this can cause a big problem.

Here are four reasons why every business needs a digital marketing employee.


1. Why Every Business Needs A Digital Marketing Employee: It Will Expand Your Reach

There are over three billion people using social media, which accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s population (yes, really!). As so many people are now using social media on a daily basis, it is easy to reach a wide range of potential customers you would never connect with without digital marketing. With just a few strategic social media and blog posts you can connect with thousands of new people, helping to expand your reach.


2. You Will Get Advanced Analytics

A good digital marketing employee will track the progress of their campaigns with advanced analytics (such as Google Analytics, Instagram Business Insights or Open Web Analytics). This will show them which campaigns are succeeding and which campaigns aren’t, so they will be able to alter future campaigns for greater success. This means that you will keep getting better and better results from your digital marketing campaigns.

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3. It Is Cost Effective

Research has found that digital marketing is one of the most cost effective kinds of marketing, especially when compared with traditional marketing (such as print or TV). One of the best examples of this is PPC advertising (pay per click advertising), as you will only pay once a user clicks on the advert. This will improve your ROI (return on investment), which is ideal for small businesses with a tight budget.


4. Digital Marketing Is Flexible

Another great thing about digital marketing is how flexible it is. There are so many different techniques and ways to reach your desired target audience; you could start an email marketing campaign, you could pay for a Facebook advert, or you could sponsor a YouTube or Instagram influencer. There are so many options; you just need a digital marketing employee to help you achieve your goals.

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