With the pandemic still having an impact on hiring trends and the jobs market in general, all signs are pointing to a very busy last quarter of the year. Those of you in the know will be all too aware that recruitment in Q4 is always challenging. 

Recruitment should be, and is a year-round effort, but no season is more challenging than the holiday season. Q4 sees company leaders wrap up the business before the Christmas break and plan for the coming year. Staff are using up holidays, and festive events are filling up calendars both in and out of work. January and February are usually the most popular hiring months because of this.

So, how can you prepare for Q4 hiring and hit the ground running in the new year? We’ve put together five tips for any hiring managers out there to help prepare you for the rush.

#1 Develop a Recruiting Plan

A recruiting plan goes further than simply figuring out which departments are recruiting in Q4, going through CVs and allocating resources. A good place to start is analysing your top performers to use their characteristics in job descriptions. You can even involve top performers in your interview process if this works within your company.

 Developing a plan will not only allow you to recruit and hire more quickly, but also save you countless hours down the road. 

#2 Start Recruiting For Q4 Early

The closer you get to holiday season the harder it is to hire. You will find your candidates are as busy as you are and this year, more than every, you want to get a head start. We are in a candidate driven market right now, with more jobs than candidates and the average time to hire is 42 days.  While remote recruitment is here to stay and it is great at speeding up the interview process, this will not necessarily be the case as we enter November and December as people are simply too busy.

#3 Use Your Networks

Don’t rely on your job posting alone. Talk about your company, culture and opportunities on social networks. Engaging in conversations can widen your talent pool and help increase interest in future job openings at your company.  Ask your top employees to share news and information about jobs too to help broaden your search further.

#4 Use Metrics To Inform Recruiting In Q4

Setting up and having access to different recruitment metrics is the ultimate way to optimize your hiring process now and in the future. This will help you to deliver the best results.

By focusing on the key recruitment metrics like the ones mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to provide your company with an accurate, quick, and reliable process that will make the process of finding and hiring new talent easy and replicable. 

#5 Ask For Help

So many people make the mistake of try to do everything themselves, especially if there is a perceived cost involved in asking for help. A recruitment company can take the daily admin of looking for your next hire off your hands. Small things like networking, engaging on social media and replying to emails can soon build up. This is an unnecessary additional workload for you going into Q4. COnsider involving a specialist recruitment agency to help source talent, filter the applications and only send you the top candidates to save you time.

Recruitment in Q4 Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

While you should be starting this process as soon as possible, you also need to make sure you don’t rush. A bad hire will end up being costly in more ways than one. Use the tips in this article to get a robust process in place and remember that no hire is better than a bad one!

In addition, remember that in today’s candidate-driven market, you need to make your workplace appealing. Things like company culture and evidence of D, I & E are essential to attract the best and brightest to your workplace. 

For more on diversity, inclusion and equality, check out our blog post Is Digital Diverse Enough?

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