The move to bring recruitment resource in-house has been happening in media-land for many years. It makes a lot of sense for companies of a certain scale to employ dedicated resource for this and these people often work alone or in small teams and are under pressure to deliver. They are not viewed as a golden bullet to solve all the recruitment needs of the business, and are expected at times to engage with external specialists to help fill tricky positions.

It’s not new and it’s certainly not heralding the death of external agencies. To survive, external agencies need to be good and they need to be specialised.

Similarly, to survive, internal recruiters need to be good too, and they need to deliver.

Here’s a few crucial pointers to help make this relationship more efficient and enjoyable for all concerned:

  1. ENGAGE SPECIALISTS: Engage with appropriately qualified external agencies to help you fill your roles. The better your support, the higher quality submission you will receive. Agencies are there to help you hire quickly and smartly, by engaging specialists you will avoid having to waste time sifting through a ton of rubbish CVs!
  2. RESECT EXPERTISE: Treat the external agencies you engage for help with some respect. Agencies will be working on multiple briefs (talent is in high demand!) and the best way to get yours to be the priority is by working with them in a collaborative way.
  3. MAKE CANDIDATES COMFORTABLE: Treat candidates submitted through agencies with the same respect as those you source yourself. Your ultimate objective is to fill job vacancies and the more efficiently you do this, the better it will be as a hiring manager and all concerned. If you make people want to work at your company, it makes things a lot easier down the line!
  4. MOVE FAST: Act quickly. If you see a good CV, act on it. Doesn’t matter where it came from, just act quickly and you’ll have the best chance of filling your vacant positions.
  5. BE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT: Be open and transparent with the agencies you use. They are there to help you and are a valuable resource to you. Be professional at all times and remember your job is to fill vacant positions as efficiently as possible. Establish a good relationship and you will reap the benefits.



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