Digital marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business – but that doesn’t mean that every campaign will be a success. Some business owners poorly manage their marketing efforts, and this means that certain campaigns can end up being a waste of money. Thankfully this is avoidable; you just need a results-driven marketing strategy.

Here’s how to create a successful results-driven marketing strategy.


1. Define Your Business And Your Goals

The first thing that you need to do is define your business and your goals. Write down a brief summary of your business and the services you provide, and then write down your current goals for the company. Maybe you want more loyal customers, or maybe you want to expand to a new market – either way, writing this down will make it much easier for you to create a clear marketing strategy.


2. Create A Buyer Persona

Next you should create a buyer persona for the people you want to target. Ask yourself these questions; where do they live? How old are they? What gender are they? Do they have interests and passions? What do they value? What needs do they have that you can help with?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to create a high-quality campaign that actually appeals to your target audience.


3. Set Clear Expectations

Now is the time to set clear expectations for your campaign. Use analytics to track your general website and social media engagement, and then review previous campaigns to find out how successful they were. This will help you to set realistic, attainable goals for your current campaign. For instance, if you average 50 sales a week and previous campaigns have increased sales by 5%, you will understand that it is probably unrealistic to expect a 200% increase in sales from your next campaign!


4. Set Lead Generation Tactics

There are lots of different forms of lead generation. Some of the most popular include;

Content marketing (blog posts).

Email marketing (newsletters).

Social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Paid search (PPC).

Networking events.

In person marketing (posting flyers, handing out flyers).

Remember that the world of digital marketing is always changing, so you may want to consider trying new lead generation tactics for optimum success.


5. Check Out The Competition

You may also want to check out your competition to see how they market their products (especially if they are more successful than you. Ask yourself these questions; What lead generation tactics do they use? What does their newsletter look like? Do they have a blog? If so, what do they blog about? What is their unique selling point? Why are their customers loyal to them? This will make it easier for you to refine your marketing strategy.


6. Track Your Campaign

Finally it is important to track your campaign. There are lots of ways to do this; you can look at the overall sales revenue since the campaign started, or you can look at costs per lead. Over popular options include online marketing ROI, overall conversion rate, social media traffic, lead to customer conversation rate and traffic to lead ratio. This will show you which parts of your campaign were successful (and which were not!).

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