Up until very recently most interviews were conducted face-to-face, but the recent pandemic has changed that. Now most interviews are held over video chat, using apps such as Zoom or Skype. This is ideal for remote workers… but a video call can feel very difficult to a standard, in-person interview!

Here are nine tips to help you prepare for a Zoom interview.


1. How To Prepare For A Zoom Interview: Don’t Use Your Mobile

Zoom does have a mobile feature, but a desktop device (such as a mobile or a laptop) is a better option for a job interview. This is because a desktop device will be stationary, so the camera won’t seem shaky or blurry during the interview. This will give the interviewer a clearer view of you, and it also means you will seem more prepared and professional.


2. Update Your Laptop Beforehand

It can also be useful to check your laptop for updates beforehand. After all, a random update pop-up during the interview will be an unnecessary distraction – and you could end up restarting your laptop if you accidentally click it, cutting the interview short for no reason! So do any essential updates before the Zoom interview, and restart your laptop beforehand so everything is running smoothly.


3. Find A Professional Background

Find a professional space in your house that is tidy and clutter-free, such as the study or the kitchen. A professional set-up will make it seem like you are more serious about the job (and it also means you won’t seem messy or informal).

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4. Make Sure The Room Is Brightly Lit

It is also important to ensure that the set is well lit so that the interviewer can actually see your facial expressions and body language. We suggest choosing a naturally bright room in your house, and then positioning your laptop in front of a window so you are sat in natural light.


5. Make Sure The Space Is Quiet

Next make sure that the space is quiet so that you and the interviewer can easily hear each other. Shut the window if you are near a main road, and shut the door if you live with housemates or animals.


6. Speak To Your Family/Roommates Beforehand

If you live with other people you should also tell them about the interview beforehand. This means that they won’t interrupt your interview by knocking on the door or walking in, and it also means they are more likely to be considerate and quiet if they are home while the interview is happening.


7. Switch Off Notifications

Put your phone on aeroplane mode and switch off notifications on your laptop before the interview to reduce distractions.


8. Clear Your Screen

You may also want to clear your laptop screen (close random tabs and files) before starting the interview. This is because the interviewer may ask you to share your screen with them (for instance, they may want to see your portfolio or CV), and this ensures your background is professional, rather than personal.


9. Practice First

Finally you may want to practice using the Zoom app if you haven’t used it before. Download it, open it and log in. Test out the software by using your camera and microphone, and make sure everything is working properly before the interviewer calls.

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