It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or if you have a job you’ve grown tired of; either way, January is the best time to start your job search. The previous year is behind you, you’ve just had a break for Christmas and you’re ready to focus on your future.

Are you ready to find a new job? If so, here are two reasons why January is the best time to look for new work.


1. Why January Is The Best Time To Find A New Job: The New Year Attitude

January is a time for new year’s resolutions. Most people use this time as a chance to better themselves, which means it is a great time to be proactive about your career. So direct your motivation towards your job search, and you will find it much easier to search for and apply for jobs.


2. There Are More Job Vacancies Than Ever Before

It isn’t just individuals who are being proactive in January; businesses are also ramping up and setting goals for the upcoming year. Hiring teams are back in the office, and many businesses are looking to expand their teams.

And that isn’t all; due to the pandemic, there are currently more job vacancies than ever before. This means it is easier for people to apply for their dream job (and they are also more likely to eventually land the role!).


Are You Prepared?

So there are lots of job vacancies to choose from, and you’re likely feeling inspired to look for new work – but are you prepared? Is your CV up to date with information from your latest role? Do you have smart clothes you could wear to an interview? Do you have the communication skills needed to ace a job interview?

Make sure you are fully prepared for the job search before you start applying for new roles, as this means you are more likely to succeed with your job search.


How We Can Help

If you want help finding a new job, we can certainly help. We are a London based digital marketing recruitment company, and we find work for both entry level and senior employees. We are currently recruiting for a wide range of roles, so please get in touch today and we can see if we have the perfect job for you.

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