Many people fall into a media agency job doing PPC Search by virtue of their natural affinity with numbers / tech and the fact they had a sympathetic degree. That’s fine, but where do you go once you’ve done a couple of years learning the trade?

Most big agencies have teams of specialist people dedicated to specific channels, and PPC is a massive component part of this. Great for you to get fully immersed in the discipline, learn all about it and handle increasingly large volumes of work. You can work your way up through the ranks to an ever tightening senior position. Once attained and you’ve made a name for yourself you can hope for a job at Google, or a senior role running search / biddable at another agency. But what if you want to broaden your horizons much sooner?

Good news is that you do have options after a couple of years doing PPC Search. Here’s a few:

  • Expand your repertoire of channel skills by taking on paid social responsibilities too.
  • If you so desire, you can move laterally into a programmatic team either internally or with a new agency.
  • Evolve your planning and delivery skills to embrace a performance media remit covering multiple response based channels.
  • Move into a smaller agency where you will have a way broader remit and exposure to things you’d never even see in a big agency set-up.
  • Move away from the treadmill of plan/buy/report and take on a more client facing and planning specific remit. A move to an independent would facilitate this.
  • Move client side – it’s a popular one, but worth investigating only if you are totally done with agency life. If it’s big agency life you’re fed up with, change the environment and move to an independent.

If you feel frustrated in your current PPC role and want an impartial chat with someone who understands what you do and the broader market you operate within, get in touch with us now.

There are lots of options for you to consider, so don’t just suck it up if you’re unhappy in your PPC search role right now.



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