Ever had your manager suggest you “raise your profile” as it will be good for your career development? Well, they’re right!

The good news is that it’s now easier than ever to do just that.

Once upon a time you had to woo journalists and have an ongoing relationship with them in order to get any column inches in the trade press. You were also at their mercy as to what they wrote about you!

There are now dozens of appropriate sites you can post your opinions on and they’re all hungry for decent copy. The media explosion we’ve witnessed in recent years means there are now more relevant areas of interest for you to discuss. Pick a topic, write an article, send it out, and then get your network to fan the flames. The most important thing to ensure happens is that a few influential, senior people known to you get on board and like/comment/share your work. Just ask them, it’s no big deal.

The most obvious starting point is probably Linked In. It’s great when you see a well-written topic posted here as much of the feed is invariably little more than wallpaper. Your manager will be the first to like/comment on your article, which propels it straight to the core audience you want to reach. The spin-off potential here is huge, rapid, and utterly effortless.

But why stop there? You’ve written your article, now edit it down and post it on X.

Once you’ve done that you can continue to post your work on any relevant sites you fancy.

If you want to go down the trade-press route, that’s pretty straightforward too, you’ll find contact details of editors and such on their websites. Remember that you will need to offer them exclusivity and the first airing of your work to get any traction. Old news doesn’t cut it!


Best of luck!

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