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Below you will see two tables covering digital media jobs and digital media sales jobs, in London. This information is as accurate as possible, based on intelligence gathered across 2018 representing people at various levels of experience and at various hierarchical positions.

Job titles vary massively from company to company, and the years of experience expected to qualify for any given position vary too. Therefore, we have job titles distilled down to common denominators reflecting acceptable industry terminology.

Comments about agency salaries:

The most highly demanded sectors are still (unsurprisingly) digital performance media skills such as PPC, Programmatic, Paid Social. Good quality Managers and Directors to run performance accounts can also expect to be ahead of the curve.

One sector we’ve seen a marked decline in demand for in recent months is SEO. Quite possibly due to the huge over supply of specialists / SMEs offering this service at low cost.

The supply of senior positions paying £90k+ has been hit hard due to consolidation of Maxus/MEC/Essence, Neo/Mindshare and the culling evident within Havas.

Some of the big network agencies have had hiring and pay-rise freezes in place due to financial pressures compounded by the need for them to offer greater transparency to their advertisers. This coupled with the shift in billings away from networks into independent agencies means some people may find themselves underpaid if they’ve been in a mainstream agency for a few years.

Comments about sales salaries:

This is really tricky to distil down into something meaningful and accurate due to the vast range of experience and resulting pay than can be attributed to a “sales manager”. Also there is no set upside to sales jobs and the commissions / bonuses you can earn on top of salary vary wildly.

However, it should give you a good indication of what people are earning as salaries at different levels of seniority within the UK agency sales market.

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