For most graduates, the first thing they want to do is look for a job. They want to get their foot on the career ladder and start earning money – but this can be difficult if they don’t have desirable skills or experience.

Here are five skills employers want entry level employees to have.


1. Skills Employers Want Entry Level Employees To Have: Adaptability

One of the main skills employers look for in entry-level employees is adaptability. Being able to adapt to a new environment and make the most of the situation is a very valuable skill, especially if you don’t have much experience. So look over your CV and ask yourself these questions; does my CV make it clear that I am adaptable? Do I give any examples of me thriving in new environments or situations?


2. Goal Focused

Modern marketing is very goal focused, so if you are goal orientated yourself you may find it easier to get hired. Goal oriented people tend to be more motivated and productive, but that isn’t all; people who set goals are also more likely to achieve them, so goal focused people tend to be more successful!

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3. Analytic

Modern marketing isn’t just goal oriented; it is also very analytical. The vast majority of marketing companies use at least Google Analytics and Instagram Insights to check how well their campaigns do, and most use even more in-depth tools for more insightful conclusions. So if you have experience with analytics, make sure to mention this on your CV or cover letter.


4. Team Player

If you are joining a company at entry level, it is very likely that you will be working as a member of a team, rather than alone. For this reason it can be useful to list examples of you working as part of a successful team in the past (for instance, you may have worked with a group on a university project).


5. Experience

Most entry level employees need to have some type of marketing experience, but don’t shake your head in despair; the experience doesn’t need to be a previous full-time role. You could have gained experience during a university placement, or maybe you had a part-time job that still taught you useful skills (for instance, working as a waitress could teach you about teamwork).

If you don’t have much experience and it is making it hard for you to find work, consider volunteering. Message local agencies to see if they need any help with their social media – or even ask a friend with a business if you could help their business grow an Instagram following!

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