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We asked Keith, our founder, why he started dotgap in the first place, and what did he feel needed to be changed in the world of media recruitment – here’s what he had to say…

The short and simple answer is that when dotgap launched in 2006, there was no other recruitment agency in London dedicated to servicing the needs of Digital Media Agencies. I founded dotgap with the goal of quickly soaking up the demand from the biggest agencies in the country to source digital media people for them.

Given my heritage, I had instant credibility as my previous job was Head of Digital for the then-number one UK media agency Carat. I knew the heads of other UK agencies to establish business with, and I knew how to properly source, scope, and interview candidates for any vacancy they needed to be filled.

Over the years, dotgap has changed and evolved, surviving two recessions and a global pandemic, so we must be doing something right!

We still work with a range of media agencies, covering pretty much any job discipline they ever have.

We work with clients directly as they are in housing media disciplines such as PPC, SEO, Social, and Programmatic.

We also work with some media owners/ad-tech companies.

The principles of dot-gap and why we are different are as true today as they were when we launched.

With my hands-on media agency heritage at senior and activation levels, I understand the pressure points within a media agency and speak your language.

I have a thorough understanding of all areas of media, so I am well qualified to engage with any media professional and help them progress their career in their chosen direction.

We give informed, impartial advice to employers considering how best to staff up their business.

We listen to job seekers at all times! It’s only by understanding what you want from your next job move and helping make it happen that we deliver our true value to you.

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